How do you do it!

I sit in the background and I read your stories and celebrate with you with all the small victories in chipping away at debt and living within your means. But how do you do it!!! Every time I think we are making strides we get hit with some “emergency”. I just want to scream right now. Just want to throw up my hands and say forget it. Take it all I don’t care!
In the past month, I have gone through my emergency fund and then some just trying to keep up while still sticking to the budget!
Now its Uncle Sam, we owe him. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN! I spoke and check and double checked and still OWE. Sometimes it just isn’t worth me working. I know I should stop and mediate and I will be guided on my path but today I just don’t have it in me. Just don’t.
Tell me how you guys do this without losing your mind. I’m doing the program to the best I can. We got rid of the second car, we live on bare minimum to save enough to start paying off debt and the minute I feel we are on our way. Bang here comes another wave to knock us over.
Somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong! Or what am I missing.
Frustrated Calligrapher!

P.S. Thanks for listening to my rant.