We’ve all been where you are

Frustration is a normal stumbling rock on the path to financial freedom. You didn’t get in debt overnight and you won’t get out overnight, but you ARE getting out of it.
I personally have had many BOULDERS along our path, and we are still 18-24 months away from total financial freedom, but I can actually SEE that end by looking back at where we were in January 2012. It’s been a long slow path for us, we’ve suffered so many setbacks it sucks, but each and every time I’ve looked at where we started and can see where we ARE making progress. When we started our debt was HUGE we had 8 charge cards all maxed (one at $42,000), medical and hospital bills, student loan debt and two count them two mortgages. The only thing we didn’t have was a vehicle payment, we had quite literally just paid that off.
Now four years later, which included 18 months of unemployment, when things get tough (kind of like right now) I look at the totals and SEE progress. The medical and hospital bills are gone, Sallie Mae is no longer in our spare room, We are down to owing on five charge cards and the total of that five is less than the one was to begin with. Our over $300,000 worth of mortgages is down to UNDER $100,000. Seeing that is what keeps me going. I can SEE it’s worth it.
Then after I look at those numbers and I feel slightly better I put on my big girl panties, sit down with the budget, see what else I can possibly tweak, look around for something else to sell, work on ideas to bring in extra income. Oh and I take a HUGE dose of Pollyanna pills. What once looked like a forever and ever amen of living in debt is now down to 18-24 months and THAT keeps me going.