You realize that you are actually CASH FLOWING those emergencies :) ?

Yes, it is incredibly frustrating not to be “getting ahead” (i.e., having the $1k in the bank, plus more for debt snowball).
But then you realize that you’re not $1k more in debt for emergency 1, or another $1k more from emergency 2.

Sometimes it just takes patience. You chip away at it (maybe making a $40 payment instead of a $20 payment) and one day it’s down low enough (like $100 or $200) that you can just take a big breath and pay it all off at once.

Hang in there! I am beyond grateful that we chipped away at it to the point where outside of our car, our debt “minimum payments” are in the $120 a month range. Would I prefer to be debt free since we’re now unemployed? Sure, but that’s not the hand I was dealt, and it’s easier to earn $120 a month than $1000.