Once I received the great news

that we were back to a good paycheck cycle I spent the better part of two days doing the budget for an every two week pay cycle from now until the end of January 2014. By then our income should change dramatically because that is the first month we will both start receiving our social security checks and feeding the gazelle to make it sleek and fast. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to that!
Goodness it is so much easier to do the budget when you KNOW your base pay and exactly when the paycheck will arrive. It was a fun project for a math nerd, such as myself, to do when she is needing to sit still for long periods of time.
Of course it will be tweaked on a regular basis when we sell something or otherwise earn a bit of extra income, but those tweaks should all be good ones. I tried to be very thorough on getting all the planned on expenses recorded, including building the bef back up—It’s currently very low due to all the paycheck drama and this week’s IRS check going out.
I also had a thought on a new way to possibly create more income, but that is still in the planning stages so I won’t bore you with the details at this point.
I took advantage of needing to “rest” a lot to work some on my blog. I’ve started a new series on Mind Your Pennies on the basics of gardening. I’ve challenged myself to make this the year we go to year round gardening and in order to do so made a public declaration of it on my blog. I’m also inviting others to join me in the journey. I’m including details on how to do it every step of the way. I’m hoping it will encourage others to cut their grocery costs for healthier eating by gardening even if it’s just a single herb or tomato plant in a flower pot.

I am behind this week

We did our weekly budget and paid all the bills for the month in advance. We have spent the last week getting a lot of stuff done on the house. Most of it came in way under budget. The lord has really blessed us lately! We were able to give money to our son’s school and St Jude’s this week too. Before we were barely able to tithe. We also were able to pay $800 for a old debt my ex owed my grandma. Even though it wasn’t my debt we felt we should. It has been a good week. I am glad we found Total money Makeover! Everyday I wake up feeling those years weren’t that long after all and TOTALLY worth it. I am so glad we stuck it out. Thank you all for keeping me going day after day.

I’ve been out of pocket for a few days

But I do have experience with teens and Visa Buxx specifically and I wanted to chime in on your question. Visa Buxx worked wonderfully for my two oldest children when they travelled to Whistler to attend Camp of Champions as well as when they each travelled twice with Student Ambassadors to Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand. There was never a hitch in any of these countries nor with any vendors when they used their Visa Buxx cards. I loved it because I could load the cards anytime I wanted and I could monitor their purchases online as well. It definitely offered me peace of mind with them having these cards in their possessions each time they travelled away from me when they were younger. Hth.