Small Student Loan Gone!!!!

fter 3 1/2 years, I have finally paid off ‘the small’ student loan (just about$20K). It’s bittersweet, just waiting for the payment to post, so that I can do my ‘small’ yelp. Time to get focus again, the ‘big one’ is gonna take everything in me. I have a goal to have them both paid off before 10 years.

Although, I don’t post often, your support and encouragement has been PRICELESS!!!!!!

A loud THANK YOU from Tiffani in MD.

Dh and ds got to work about 15 hours each of overtime last week

which is too late to pay on the IRS bill, but it will do great things for the bef when it hits. Ds offered to pay our IRS bill for us, but you know what DR says about borrowing from friends and family. So we’ve worked hard and I think we have it all covered. It’s amazing how things keep working out that way. Thank you Lord.
Out in the garden area the grapes are starting to bud out, so our next big project is to get the birds moved out of the garden before they hurt the spring growth. Plus of course it will do me no good to plant anything while they are in there. So maybe this week we’ll get the necessary pen repairs done and my feathered darlings moved. They’ve done a tremendous job on weeding and fertilizing the garden all winter, so now it’s time to move them out.
Today and tomorrow are suppose to be “fraidy hole” days around here So I’m keeping a close eye on the skies. The wind is already really whipping around. I am most thankful I have a basement here in tornado alley.
For those of you who don’t know I’m an old hand at tornadoes having actually be in seven (which is seven too many), but I’ve learned things along the way in life, especially where they are concerned and have abuilt in radar for them. I get the shakes about an hour before they start talking about them on the television. So we know when to hit the fraidy hole.
I just posted on my blog this morning a story about one of my tornado adventures. It happened years ago, and now it’s a fun story to tell, about being at a historical re-enactment when one hit.