That is great news…..congratulation

I know how you feel….I applied for the teacher forgiveness loan in December 2015 and on January 18,2016 I received word that they had forgiven $17,500.00 of my student loans. I still have right around $3500 to pay…but it’s a big relief. I was thinking about getting my masters but now with that lifted off of my shoulders I don’t want to get back into debt for that amount again.

Good job. Keep up the hard work….the light will only brighter as you get closer to your goal.

A very big congrats!

We’ve paid off a few small ones but nothing that big; that must feel so wonderful! I’m sure you’ll knock down your next debt too. It’ll take longer than we want (they always do) but wow it’ll feel great when you get there. Here’s looking forward to seeing your email that you killed that one as well! Another tombstone in the Debt Graveyard!