After 3 1/2 years

I have finally paid off ‘the small’ student loan (just about $20K). It’s bittersweet, just waiting for the payment to post, so that I can do my ‘small’ yelp. Time to get focus again, the ‘big one’ is gonna take everything in me. I have a goal to have them both paid off before 10 years.

Although, I don’t post often, your support and encouragement has been PRICELESS!!!!!!

One down!!!!

Well, it is official! I’ve paid off our first personal credit card today!!!!!!!!! $1,419.47!!!

We started out on 8/1/06 with 21 different debts and today 6/5/07 we have only 8 debts left and two of those (2006 taxes) are new! I am so excited! Granted those are our biggest debts, but boy what a good feeling!