Wow, Markuz!

that sounds like a heckuva cold, and a heckuva mess at your DH’s employment! Glad the comptroller is being reined in. Sounds like she was really a tad too full of herself, particularly when her wonderful new program wasn’t working for anyone else. And the mistakes? That’s ridiculous. It’s one thing to shove through a new program that no one likes. It’s entirely another to consistently mess up everyone’s paycheck, repeatedly. Here’s hoping that your DH’s employer can get things back on track quickly, and that whoever steps into that open position is more competent, and more of a team player, than the previous person.

Crawling out of bed long enough to report a Millie Moment

I’ve been down with the crud for about 8 days now, ds has had it a day longer than me, but is finally back to work. Me I’m conscious, that’s an improvement. But that isn’t why I decided to check emails today (over 1,000 to view, maybe later. Cough, cough.
I fired up the computer to actually read the email dh had told me he forwarded home, so I could see it for myself.
As all of you know back at the first of the year they changed our paydays with no warning from every other Friday to the 7th and 22nd. It caused all sorts of financial problems for all the hourly employees and the comptroller dug in her heels saying we’d all be better off and we were being “childish” yes she actually called the employees childish for being upset about having to come up with three mortgage payments out of one paycheck…don’t get me started.
She insisted everyone’s paychecks would be “bigger.” Never mind it was because there would be more hours on the paychecks. Fast forward through the months. EVERY, yes EVERY, single paycheck dh and ds received from that from paycheck up until the one received 3/22 was WRONG!!! Not just a $1 or two wrong, but sometimes hundreds wrong. Overtime was floated as much as five weeks, two different paychecks dh got shorted four hours each time period of straight time, on those same paychecks ds would get his full straight time, but his overtime wouldn’t show up. Every payday the line would form at the HR office looking for corrections to the screwed up checks. The correction of course wouldn’t show up until the next payday, and of course then there was another error.
It got so the HR person would leave early on paydays and take a vacation day or have another reason to be out of the office for a few days after payday. It’s been EXTREMELY frustrating. The whole time the comptroller has been rude and saying everyone was over reacting that if people would just “budget their money properly” there wouldn’t be a problem.
It got to the point I was ready to go to the office and call a meeting myself. To tell me I don’t know how to do a proper budget was not only insulting, but down right fighting words.
Dh had been on a committee that met with the owner last month and they explained to the owner all the problems that were happening, and how some of us work on the DR plan (which the owner is very familiar with) and how having a paycheck show up $360 short messed that budget up royally (yep, that was dh it caused us to have to pull money out of bef for the third time in a row). The owner said he’d check into it.
The 22nd’s check was 4 straight hours short AGAIN. Plus 5 hours missing overtime, ds was short 3 hours overtime, and they worked the exact same hours! The HR person has been out of the office until today.
Last Thursday they held an employee appreciation lunch, the comptroller was noticeably missing. The subject of the payroll screw-ups came up at the meeting again. The owner said to hang in there, he is dealing with it.
No, the comptroller wasn’t fired, but she was demoted, and we are as of this Friday, back to every other Friday payday’s!!!!!! Supposedly all the missing “shortages” will be on everyone’s checks this Friday!!! YES!!!!
The email he forwarded me was a simple statement the problem had been fixed and we were now back on every other Friday paydays, starting with this Friday’s check. YES!!! Cough, cough, shouldn’t have screetched.