Hey there everyone

We got a surprise in the mail yesterday, a happy one. We got two letters from our mortgage company; one was a letter telling us that we’d been overcharged for our escrow, and would be receiving a refund under separate cover. The second letter was the refund itself, for over $1200. WOW! I could enjoy getting more checks like that! But it doesn’t seem like “real” money. I know how escrow works, that you pay over and above the P&I each month and that overage is held for other items like insurance and taxes. But in almost 20 years of being a mortgage holder, I’ve never received a refund like this. Was this just a screw-up at the mortgage company and they’re fixing it? Or should we set this aside in the possibility that the refund itself is a screw-up? While I can sure think of nice ways to spend an unexpected $1200, I don’t want to spend it if we’re just going to have to give it back soon. Thanks all……….