The budgeting remarks (and there were several of them) were what pissed me off the most

By gosh I’ve had an accounting degree longer than she’s been alive! It is her math that has shorted pay checks and caused problems in all OUR budgets—HER math, not ours. If she’d do HER job the way she was hired to do instead of insisting that everyone else change their budgets to save her one minute of work there wouldn’t be a problem.

Dh says the only reason he hasn’t torn her a new one is because he’s a gentleman, but he says that every time she pulls out a charge card to pay for her lunch he wants to say “If you would budget properly you wouldn’t NEED to use a charge card to eat.”

Anyway, she’s having to put all her little schemes back to the original system and she is, from the company grapevine, on probation for the next 6 months to a year. So I guess her Karma will take care of it.